RATTA RATTARRが2020年度IAUD International Design Awards銀賞を受賞

株式会社チャレンジドジャパン(宮城県仙台市/代表取締役:白石 圭太郎 http://ch-j.co.jp/)が提供するデザインブランド『RATTA RATTARR (ラッタラッタル)』が、2020年度”IAUD International Design Awards 2020 SILVER AWARD In the category of Social Inclusion”(IAUD / 一般財団法人国際ユニヴァーサルデザイン協議会)を受賞しました。



RATTA RATTARR, Challenged Japan Corporation receives a Silver Award for:
Designing for diversity / RATTA RATTARR

We are a designer brand that supports people with mental and physical disabilities to achieve an independent livelihood through creative work. Using the drawings of our creators and a flexible manufacturing system we develop a diverse range of designs and products for commercialization. The resulting products, from stationery to clothing, are sold to support the project and so create a sustainable model for our activities.

The jury considered this project to be:

A beautifully presented and highly committed collaboration between disabled people and talented designers. A reimagining of the sheltered workshop model to deliver inclusive employment and high-quality products and give visibility to disabled people by focusing on their creativity.

IAUD International Design Award Citations 2020 CHAIR’S INTRODUCTION & FULL CITATIONS

銀賞 ソーシャルインクルージョン部門
株式会社チャレンジドジャパン ラッタラッタル
ありのままのデザイン / ラッタラッタル




IAUD国際デザイン賞2020 審査講評


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